Gas & Electricity Supply Retailing

Our work in this area includes:

  • Designing and building a retail energy business for domestic customers for a small new entrant.
  • Building an entry position into mass-market electricity and gas for a major global company with a large UK brand. This was a twelve-month assignment delivering a complete position for market entry.
  • Coaching on energy business costing and pricing for a major UK energy company.
  • Assisting a major UK energy supplier in resolving electricity data and settlement problems.
  • Advising a UK energy watchdog on electricity data and settlement issues.
  • Assisting the management of a Nordic Energy business on a strategic review of their retail business.
  • Energy purchase negotiations and risk management, plus general advice for business start-up, for a new energy market entrant in the UK.
  • Providing ongoing advice to an independent UK generation company on retail market entry.
  • Working for a major legal firm in London, expert witness work on energy costs and prices in support of litigation. Expert reports and evidence of the reasonable price of gas in an “out-of-contract” situation, prepared for a major oil and gas company.
  • Support to an SME customer in a dispute regarding gas bills.
  • Developing rules for a Supplier of Last Resort for the national regulator in a European country.
  • Tariff proposals for national energy supply in a European country.
  • Developing energy efficiency services for inclusion in an electricity supplier’s product portfolio.
  • Assisting Ofgem in review of complaints handling standards.
  • A review for Ofgem of the operation and performance of the Energy Ombudsman Service.

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