Renewables & Environmental

Our work in this area includes:

  • General advice on environmental, technical, commercial and regulatory issues relating to a new venture in small-scale hydro generation in the UK.
  • Advising a renewable project finance company on the UK Exempt Supplier processes.
  • Working for the DTI, modelling proposed restructuring of the rules regarding the Renewables Obligation Certification (ROC) regime in England and Wales.
  • Working for the DTI via Future Energy Solutions, preparing a guide for interested parties describing how power may be sold and indicating the value of power for distributed generators.
  • Developing a “fully-green” position for a Local Authority, including the development of a windpower generating facility.
  • Advising a windpower developer on technical and regulatory issues.
  • Preparing submissions to justify economic termination of Power Purchase Agreements for a renewable generator.
  • Advising a major supplier of energy solutions on strategy and development of an Energy Services Company.
  • Establishing a customer advisory service on green issues for a new entrant electricity supply company.

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