Knowledge and experience in international energy markets

Sohn background

Sohn Associates is an energy consultancy formed in 2003 by a group of former energy company executives. Working with a network of international partners, Sohnís extensive and practical knowledge of international energy markets - power, gas, renewables and emissions - has proved to be an attractive proposition for its growing client base.

Sohn focus

Sohn Associates is experienced across the spectrum of activities in international liberalised energy markets - from commercial and regulatory policy development to business operations in an increasingly competitive world. Our key areas of focus in this rapidly developing arena are:

  • Utility regulation. With many years of experience working in liberalised energy markets, Sohn assists its clients with the challenges inherently associated with the rapid change and focus of deregulation. Typically this requires extensive negotiation between utilities, government, regulators, industrialists and trade organisations who are affected by such change. We also advise new entrants and financial institutions who seek to take advantage of the commercial opportunities which arise from deregulation.
  • Retail energy business systems and processes. These are key areas of strength for Sohn. Retail activities include the development of sales and marketing strategies, implementation of management information systems, customer services and billing.
  • Distribution networks and metering. Sohn works with clients on developing and implementing distribution and network codes, advising on third party access, pricing arrangements and strategies, and recommending technologies for use in distribution networks and metering.
  • Commodity trading and portfolio risk management. Sohn helps its clients with trading and portfolio risk management strategies that are vital for success in continually changing and converging energy markets. This includes the communication and development of appropriate risk management strategies and frameworks, through to system specification and implementation.
  • Renewable energy and other forms of distributed generation. With renewable energy and distributed generation increasingly contributing to the international energy mix, it is important for companies to be positioned to take advantage of the opportunities presented by this growth. Whether a company is proposing to buy, build or trade such assets, we can assist in developing a commercial strategy.
  • Emissions and carbon trading. In the development of international energy markets it is increasingly important for regulatory bodies and energy companies to understand the impact and operation of carbon and emissions trading schemes. Sohn can assist such organisations in developing, implementing and managing appropriate carbon and emissions strategies.

Sohn assignments

Sohn Associates has a broad range of clients, including a regulatory body, major energy utilities, the UK government, renewable energy organisations, an electrical equipment manufacturer, financial institutions and other consultancies. Each of these clients has commissioned further work.

Specific assignments have included:

  • Developing stakeholder management processes for a major energy company
  • Assisting new entrants to prepare for entry into the domestic electricity and gas markets
  • Performing executive level strategy work for one of the UKís leading energy companies
  • Advising a regulator on the technical and commercial aspects of settlement of energy charges
  • Advising a new entrant on the regulatory issues relating to renewable generation
  • Reviewing the framework within which Renewable Obligation Certificates are traded in the UK renewable energy market
  • Accrediting generators and users for compliance with European Union emission trading schemes
  • Advising on liberalisation and reform in the Russian electricity market
  • Delivering a business development process for an energy services company
  • Researching and reporting on energy business opportunities in mainland Europe
  • Advising a financial institution on the structure and operation of the UK energy market
  • Advising a company on the effective use of pricing and forecasting systems
  • Developing a linear programming technique for tariff setting in Eastern Europe
  • Providing advice to a potential market entrant on the development of the UK gas industry
  • Formulating a fuel poverty strategy for a major energy company

Sohn consultants

 Sohnís consultants previously held executive and senior management positions in a range of major energy companies, with much of their experience gained in fully liberalised energy markets. This experience includes strategic and business development, operational management, regulation, trading, risk management, asset development, consultancy and general management. Our advice is based on our practical experience of UK market deregulation. We have had management responsibility for substantial energy operations through this period and we understand the critical issues and opportunities. Sohnís consultants have provided significant input to the development of the regulation and framework of governance of liberalised energy markets and we know both the theory and practice of the energy business. This includes an understanding of what works and what doesnít!


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