Feed-in Tariffs

In December 2010 Sohn Associates was commissioned by the Energy Saving Trust to undertake an in-depth review of Feed-In Tariff (FiT) projects in Scottish social housing. The work has been presented in the report Homing in on Feed-in Tariffs:

A review of Feed-in Tariff projects in Scottish social housing.

The research assesses the level of microgeneration activity already undertaken by local authorities and housing associations in Scotland within their housing stock and the level of potential future activity. It identifies the approaches adopted to developing FiT schemes and the lessons learnt by the early movers, including key success factors, risks and potential solutions. Whilst the main focus of the document is on FiT schemes, it also provides insight into the main drivers and potential barriers to the uptake of thermal microgeneration.

The research highlights an appetite for microgeneration within many social housing associations, particularly in off-gas areas, where energy prices and levels of fuel poverty are higher. Key issues faced by social housing providers in developing microgeneration projects relate to upfront costs, a lack of detailed location specific technical advice, and in some instances, negative perception of certain technologies where earlier experiences did not achieve the results expected due to poor design, specification, installation or a combination of these.

The report makes a number of recommendations to help increase uptake and identifies opportunities for social housing providers to work to together to share their experiences and knowledge, and to identify where it might be possible to work together to procure cost-effective services or equipment. It also includes five detailed case studies of organisations that have progressed FiT projects.

This research complements Sohn Associates' credentials as an adviser on microgeneration and provides a unique understanding of the wide-ranging issues facing social housing providers with different technical expertise and resources. Sohn Associates can help such organisations develop the best microgeneration solutions to suit their specific circumstances and housing stock.

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