Energy Distribution

Our work in this area includes:

  • Working with Imperial College, London, we produced a study into electrical losses for Western Power Distribution (WPD) and another Distribution Network Operator. This was an IFI-sponsored project and the main report, appendices and executive summary can now be found on WPDs web page relating to Innovation and Low Carbon - Losses Strategy. In addition, we have published an article Is there an incentive to reduce GB Electricity Distribution Losses?
  • Supporting Network Operators and other stakeholders in the development of new Use-of-System charge methodology in Great Britain.
  • Representation work for the Renewable Energy Association on Distribution Business issues.
  • Technical, commercial and regulatory advice to several Generators and Consumers on means of overcoming capacity constraints in negotiations with Distribution Network operators.
  • General management and technical management improvement programme for the electricity infrastructure organisation who support the public transportation organisation in Brussels.
  • Advising a renewable generator on overcoming capacity constraints on the local distribution network
  • BERR-funded project with Forum For The Future on sustainability for Distribution Network Operators.
  • Assisting a Distribution Network Operator in understanding losses.
  • Advising Ofgem on a way forward on losses for Distribution Price Control purposes.

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