Earlier Work

Some examples of our earlier work are:

  • Developed the contractual frameworks for retail market competition
  • Developed a process approach to regulation management
  • Led projects to develop new energy trading arrangements
  • Set up a new, green-field domestic electricity & gas business in time for the opening of the electricity market in 1998.
  • Managed relationships with Regulators eg Ofgem, energywatch
  • Conceived, developed and launched a new social energy product, Staywarm
  • Ran a successful I&C gas and electricity business.
  • Successfully integrated two former monopoly regional supply businesses.
  • Several pieces of M & A work, including the due diligence processes
  • Business unbundling, re-bundling and divestments
  • Led and managed the operations of a large Distribution network
  • Led and managed the operations of a large (>5m customers) domestic supply business
  • Led and managed price control negotiations with the Regulator

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