Decicion Support

Our work in this area includes:

  • In 2013 we produced an application in Excel and using a database to extract prices, loss factors and applicable times from the DUoS charging statements issued by Distribution Network Operators. Once in the database, the information is easily loaded into other applications such as quotation and billing systems. The automatic extraction of the data helps avoid transcription errors and the database structure allows for easy comparisons of prices, identifying the impact of changes.
  • Working with a small supplier we developed a prototype application for forecasting the demand of the supplier’s half-hourly metered sites. A SQL Server database holds the actual demand and the various forecasts. A graphical front-end makes it simple to compare previous forecasts with out-turn and make adjustments to the forecast. Stored procedures on SQL Server produce Excel reports of aggregated forecast demand by BM Unit for the whole portfolio.
  • In 2008 we developed a methodology and Excel application to provide semi-automatic forecasts of the likely Triad Periods, the times of peak system demand used by National Grid in calculating the transmission charges for each supplier. Understanding when Triads might occur enables a supplier to advise some of its half-hourly customers so that they can manage their demand and avoid transmission costs.
  • Other work includes:
    • A methodology and set of SQL Server stored procedures to calculate the supplier’s exposure to price and volume changes in its half-hourly market operations. The process compares the cost of energy using original and revised price and volume estimates.
    • A ‘Word’ application to scan a set of manual invoices and extract information in a structured format;
    • An Excel application to scan an unstructured spreadsheet of a customer’s half-hourly consumption and automatically verify the data and output it in a structured format suitable for use in a quotation system;

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